Personalised events and team building activities

Dama Dreams creates live, immersive game experiences for powerful brand activations and team buildings !

Every year, our team handles more than 15 unique events. Our immersive experiences take the company’s experiential marketing to the next level with a one-of-a-kind relationship with their audience.

We build our designs specifically to maximize social capital and brand affinity, this goal is deeply grained in everything we do for our clients.

Our Brand Process

1. Collaboration with the Brand

First of all, we gain a deep understanding of your marketing objectives to propose a pitch of the experience.

2. Development of the experience

We develop a thorough knowledge of your brand’s appeal and operate as an extension of your team. Then, we produce illustrations of the experience and a storytelling.

3. The storyline process

Once we have the customer's brief, we take on the brand to learn a deep understanding of its audience. Then, we work with the client to select the right storyline for their audience.

4. Production

We apply what we‘ve learned to produce this unique immersive games and experiences.. The creative team makes sure the production follows the gameplay created.

Looking for a unique event for your staff ?

Check out our team building concept in the form of a murder party in Deauville.

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