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In 2018, Dama Dreams opens its very first escape game venue : Le Hangar à Énigmes in Trouville.


In june 2019, a second Hangar opens its door in Deauville and one year later, a 3rd venue opens in La Baule-Escoublac.



Throughout these three venues, Dama Dreams receives more than 65 000 visitors annually. One offer online escape gamewas also developped in 2021 following the need to keep business relationships and cohesion in the wake of Covid.



In June 2022, a new immersive venue will open in Deauville on a playing field of 6 acres.


Dama Dreams is an expert on creating original immersive experiences thanks to its expertise and knowledge of leisure operations. 

We craft our vision into interactives, stories, dialogs, engagement at different levels. Our creatives based their work on telling an authentic and connective story that’s impactful to our audience. Then we create the world where we will immerse the visitors : this world is both tech and scenic driven

Our process

1. Designing the Experiences

Combinig the best of escape game and immersive theater, Dama Dreams designs 360* immersive live experiences with original contents.

2. Development of the experience

We develop a thorough knowledge of your brand’s appeal and operate as an extension of your team. Then, we produce illustrations of the experience and a storytelling.

3. Schematic Design

The experiences are then put on 2D plans in order to get on the specificities of each set. All plans are delivered to produce the sets following the creative directions.

4. Production

We apply what we‘ve learned to produce this unique immersive games and experiences.. The creative team makes sure the production follows our original intent and make the experience fully operational.

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