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Our most ambitious licensing project to date in collaboration with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment. Opening in Spring 2023 in the 19th district of Paris, Batman Escape will be the largest immersive escape game in France with 3 000 sqm dedicated to 3 unique and thrilling scenarios featuring some of the most iconic locations and characters from the Batman universe.

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DAMA Factory is a new French leisure park that combines immersive and sporting activities in a 1000m² and 6 hectares location at the entrance of the city of Deauville.

With an 80 spots parking, a reception capacity of 250 people and 10 fun and friendly activities, DAMA is the new leisure park of Normandy looking to become the entertainment reference of the region with its indoor-outdoor multi-activity concept.

The slogan ‘Enjoy Together’ invites friends, families, colleagues, little ones and grown-ups to come share an activity or a drink at DAMA.



«The Bureau» Immersive Experience features live actors, gameplay interactions, wow-effect props and wonderful set designs that perfectly reproduce the sets of the TV Show. During the development of the scenario and the production of the sets, we worked in close collaboration with the production company and the DGSE (French Secret Service) to create the most realistic scenario. We built the sets with the participation of experts from the immersive field.

It received a great Press coverage : our experience has been featured in important Lifestyle medias presenting it as a ‘must-do’ activity in Paris.



The “Enigma Hangar” is the first immersive activity park on the Côte Fleurie and the largest Escape Game in Normandy with 8 Escape rooms, 1 Virtual Reality arcade and 2.0 treasure hunts among our two locations in Deauville and Trouville.

A second branch was opened in La Baule in 2019 with 4 additional escape rooms for our players to experience.


An immersive press conference for 40 journalists in the form of a one-and-a-half hour adventure inside the venue in order to showcase and announce a revitalized position for the Accor Arena. With access to uncommon places in the arena and the challenge of solving puzzles throughout the course, the journalists were able to get a taste of the renewed spirit of the Arena.  

From the launch of the first French food court to the creation of a bar in memory of Johnny Hallyday, including opening the skating rink to the public and the announcement of a new adjacent room to extend the concert experience, the Accor Arena affirms its position as one of the top 5 show venues in the world.


Online EScape GAME

Online Escape Rooms bring the best of Real Life Escape Rooms directly into your home.

Here we switch the roles : your Game Master (a live performer) is in the room and you must work with him to win the game all together! He’ll follow your orders in the physical space, but he’ll rely a lot on your team’s brainpower and investigative skills to solve riddles both in the room and on the web.

You’ll experience an immersive adventure worthy of the best Hollywood movies with friends, family or colleagues. Beware, the clock is ticking !

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The classic murder mystery game featuring our expertise of theatre and escape games combined. Tailored to the number of participants and the venue, our team takes care of everything.

From the writing of the scenario to the design of the sets, we make sure to listen carefully to your needs in order to provide a thrilling event for your team.

Someone has been murdered and its the job of the participants to find out who among our actors committed the crime !

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Outdoor Escape Quest

Teaming up with the town hall of Deauville, we have created an Augmented Reality Quest to guide the players through the secrets and interesting places of Deauville.

Using AR and geocaching, this 2.0 treasure hunt immerses the teams in an exciting story for a 90-min adventure.

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